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Them Deeper Bones?

Them Deeper Bones is a retro adventure role-playing game in the vein of the BECMI (“Red Box”) D&D and AD&D 2nd Edition. In TDB adventuring heroes set out to explore the post-post-apocalyptic fantasy world and piece out the history of their lost homeland. If you like to solve problems through your own wits and role-playing instead of dice-rolling and character optimisation, this is the TTRPG for you.

Some key features:

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(preview currently from version beta.1.3.0)

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Tools and Downloadables

Character Sheet b.1.1 (A4)

Character Sheet b.1.1 (letter)

Character keeper b.1.0

Current ToDo -list

The Player's Book — Current published version: beta.1.5.0 (4th March 2022).

Changes from beta.1.4.1:

The Guide Book — Current published version: beta.1.4.1 (17th December 2021).

Changes from beta.1.3.0:

The World Book — Current published version: beta.1.3.0 (27th August 2021). Still in the old format.

Work in Progress:

ToDo list for next releases (prioritised):


Them Deeper Bones Character Creation Demo Video

Them Deeper Bones Combat Demo Video

Development Blog


The games I know to have had a huge influence on the development of Them Deeper Bones:

And some games that do not have an official release yet as of writing, but whose design process has still had an influence on the design: